I’m excited as well as a bit anxious to announce that I’m starting a new company, YachtClub.

After spending about a year in the marina, harbor, yacht club industry as a customer, then a volunteer employee, and now an operator at a prominent local yacht club, I see a crystal clear opportunity for a new SaaS product to come to market.

I only formed the company once I was successfully able to get three customers to sign a contract for the software (and one customer actually recruited another customer). So I couldn’t ask for a better start. Additionally, this allows me a solid base to verify some of my initial hypotheses.

Exclusively running venture-backed businesses to date, this is a defiantly a departure. Therefore I’m still gonna keep running my small executive consulting (CTO & CPO on retainer) business abc & company. I hope to earn the right to make YachtClub a fulltime gig.

As in all things, time will tell :)