When I was recruited to SpotHero over three years ago I made a few promises to the founders and to the board of directors

  1. Transition SpotHero to a company with Product, Design, & Engineering at its core
  2. Establish a solid vision on where SpotHero as a company and it’s products should go
  3. Execute a three year roadmap making the above two points a reality leaving SpotHero positioned at the core of the mobility movement including Smart Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle movement

Over the last few months I’ve come to realized that I’ve accomplished all of that and a lot more. Given that I’ve decided it’s time to move on from SpotHero and explore what comes next.

This wasn’t an easy decision, and I’m not exactly done. Over the next few months I’m going to ensure this is a smooth transition as I wrap up

  1. Complete the 2019 corporate and Product planning
  2. Wrap up a few of the in-flight initiatives for some of our largest tech partners (Google, Apple)
  3. Finish some restructuring within the Product, Design, & Engineering organizations

I want to thank Mark and Larry (SpotHero co-founders) for personally recruiting me over three years ago (even after I turned down an offer from them 5 years ago …. sorry about that) to come be a part of this journey.